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"Its the key to managing your  weight, being mentally in the zone, avoiding sports injuries and recovering from training quicker...and you feel more relaxed."

Sounds too good to be true right? The role of nutrition is vastly underestimated in each of these areas. Some Good have developed nutritionally dense Superfoods targeted around the 4R's:
Replenish. Rebuild. Relax. Recover.
Some Good's all 4 Rs retails for close to £40, but we are offering them in one value saving bundle for just £27.99 with FREE postage 
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Here's What Other People Are Saying:
"I've been trying Some Good for around a month now and I can honestly say it has made such a difference to my everyday life, I started to take it to work as I work very long shifts and around mid day I start to feel my energy lack. Since I've been using my Some Good Powder I can LITERALLY feel the energy kick from drinking this throughout the day, when I would usually begin to start feeling tired and groggy I can feel a recharge of energy throughout my body just to get through the rest of the day.
It definitely helped me when I was bed bound for a few days with the Flu.
I also start to take it before I go to the gym, this way it works to motivate me a natural source of energy to hydrate my body before I get my work out on!"
"Some Good’s nutrition is clean and simple. Although I’m not a vegan, I like to keep my consumption of animal products to a minimum; so their Pea Protein is my preferred protein training supplement."
"Sometimes i find living in London can be extremely draining with so much going on,good or bad you can't help but get lost in the "100mile an hour life style". The last thing on your mind is being health conscious.  I recently had a Premier of a short i have produced called John#3. As the pressure cranked up as Premier day drew close, a friend suggested I try their products. You forget that your stress is compounded by poor nutrition as you rush to make deadlines and order repeated take-a-ways. Their Cacao provided a natural break point in my day and allowed me to get to sleep easier. I love their Lingonberry, in fact I mix into everything from drinks to cereal to pasta sauces! Its an investment that's paid off, my lifestyle is still hectic, but you'd be surprised at how much good a spoonful of Some Good will do!"
Get all 4R's from Some Good And FEEL The Difference Now!
Some Good's all 4 Rs retails for close to £40, but we are offering them in one value saving bundle for just £27.99 with FREE postage 
Why You Need Some Good:
The Journey
Modern diets and lifestyles have reached chronic status. Modern aggricultural techniques and supermarket size, look and feel standardisation means that the typical foods you buy, even the healthy ones lack the nutritional punch they should. The desire for organic food is as a result of the food quality becoming worse. You need Superfoods because the chances are your current diet is not optimally supplying your body with all its needs. For example the majority of the western world is deficient in magnesium as a direct consequence of diet.
The Science
You may believe you are getting your RDA or 5 a day or other measurement system, but given the quality of the food you could still fall short. Additionally how can the RDA be the same for a short skinny woman as a tall, stocky man? As individuals we may require more of one vitamin other people do and our nutritional needs may change with time, lifestyle and wellness. So instead of asking yourself whether you got your rda or achieved your 5 – a – day, look to see how well do you feel. There are physical and mental signs. If you find yourself sleeping earlier, feeling sluggish, suffering from dry or aging skin, or an incresasing frequency of coughs/colds it could be down to your diet.
The Benefits
There are 2 unproven yet widely believed myths:

That you can somehow take too many vitamins
Secondly That vitamin deficiency is not a major factor in both many modern afflictions including cancer and depression. The video gives a real eye opening example.
Some Good's all 4 Rs retails for close to £40, but we are offering them in one value saving bundle for just £27.99 with FREE postage 
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